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Melissa Etheridge: “Medical marijuana made a big difference, instantly”

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Citizens for Patient Rights has announced the endorsement of singer/songwriter and outspoken breast cancer survivor, Melissa Etheridge for its campaigns to allow safe medical marijuana access in Lemon Grove (Prop T), Solana Beach (Prop W) and Del Mar (Prop H).
Medical marijuana is commonly used by cancer patients to combat the adverse symptoms related cancer radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Moreover, studies have shown that compounds found in medicinal marijuana may slow of the growth of cancerous cells.
Melissa experienced first hand the positive benefits of medical marijuana during her own chemotherapy. According to Melissa, “Medical marijuana made a big difference, instantly, within a minute, relieved the nausea, relieved the pain. And all of the sudden, I was normal… I could get out of bed. I could go see my kid. And it was amazing.”

Whitney Glover
Whitney Glover of Alabama wrote and sings the medical marijuana anthem “Criminal (How Can It Be).”

​Our Toke of the Town Video of the Day comes from Alabama artist Whitney Glover.

Whitney’s a talented singer/songwriter who’s also a multi-instrumentalist. She told Toke of the Town she’s been playing since the age of 4, counting the guitar, banjo, piano, and drums among her many musical talents.

Whitney’s song “Criminal (How Can It Be)” is a thoughtful and poignant look at the insanity of denying safe, natural herbal medication to patients who need it.
If you’d like to see more of Whitney’s performances, you can visit her main channel on YouTube, Singing4Whitney, and her political channel, Singing4Harmony.

Photo: Grace Slick
Rock legend Grace Slick supports the legalization of cannabis through her art.

​You’re invited to the premiere showing of the 420 Collection™ of artwork by rock and roll legend Grace Slick, this Saturday in San Francisco.

Singer/songwriter Slick, formerly at the helm of the high-flying Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship, isn’t just a singer, she’s also an accomplished artist and a dedicated marijuana activist.
Saturday’s special exhibit will feature art by Slick, supporter of efforts to end prohibition and ensure safe and legal access to medical cannabis, according to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

Grace has created a series of paintings and limited edition prints especially for this exhibit, and a portion of each sale with benefit the MPP.
The exhibition will be held from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at SPARC, a medical cannabis collective at 1256 Mission Street in San Francisco.
If you’re in the Bay Area, this is a unique opportunity to view and purchase art by Grace Slick, and at the same time support MPP’s work to make marijuana legal for adults.