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Ohio police spent $500,000 last year arresting a whopping 27 people for marijuana cultivation under the state’s flyover marijuana eradication program. That’s more than $18,500 per person and in total they only destroyed 20,747 plants – down nearly 64,000 plants from just two years before.
Sound like a waste to you, too?


A measure that would have legalized cannabis use, possession and cultivation in Ireland was defeated handily yesterday, shot down with a 111 to 8 vote in the Dáil, Ireland’s lower house of representatives.
According to RTÉ News, the cannabis bill was allowed some debate but it seems most of the rhetoric was from stuffy politicians with no real idea what cannabis is or does. Even the health minister pulled out the often-debunked “cannabis causes schizophrenia” myth.

Michigan capitol.

Update 11/06/2013: Voters in Lansing, Jackson and Ferndale, Michigan all legalized the possession and use of up to an ounce of cannabis on private property yesterday. Jackson voters passed their measure by more than 800 votes, and roughly 63 percent of Lansing voters approved their measure.
Supporters say the move will force the legislature to approve a similar statewide measure during the upcoming legislative session.

Votes are still being counted, but the suspense when it comes to the two biggest measures on ballots statewide is over — if there was ever any at all. The Denver Post has made the call on Proposition AA, the marijuana tax measure, and Amendment 66, an education proposal, with the former winning handily (the count is 64.6 percent yeah to 35.3 percent nay with 55 percent of the vote counted at this writing) and the latter getting crushed (66.1 percent “no” to 33.8 percent “yes,” also with 55 percent reporting). Denver Westword has the full story.

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Denver, Colorado.

Come January 1, there could be as many as 100 recreational marijuana shops open to consumers.
According to statistics released by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, 136 current medical marijuana dispensaries have applied to switch over to recreational cannabis stores. The division also saw 28 applications from edibles makers and 174 applications for independent grow operations. All of the October applications are expected to be finished by the MED before the New Year.

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Editor’s note: This is part two of correspondent Shannon Brandt’s reports about the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver last week. To read part one, click here.
A logo is often regarded as a condensed, compressed, symbolic summoning-up of everything that a big entity means to represent in everyday life. In most cases, the logo can even be seen as the most visible sign of the collective intelligence seething and rattling away behind it. Denver Westword has the full coverage.

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A proposal that would have outlawed Denver residents from smoking cannabis in their own backyards has been snubbed out.
According to a draft of the newly-rewritten proposal, cannabis consumption in your home would remain legal. That includes your backyard. The new proposal also scales back proposed punishments for public consumption from $999 or a year in jail to a $100 fine or 24 hours of community service. The new language still makes it illegal to openly display or distribute cannabis in public.
Sgt. Kevin Glaser.

A Missouri Drug Task Force cop addressed Show-Me Cannabis, the pro-marijuana legalization group, at a town hall meeting in Cape Girardeau last Monday and engaged in a civil discussion about the benefits of marijuana legalization.
But when Sargeant Kevin Glaser of the SEMO Drug Task Force got home, he unleashed on Facebook, basically calling the legalization advocates a bunch of stupid potheads. Riverfront Times has the full story, which I’m sure plenty of stoners will read now.

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Which state will be the next to legalize marijuana? What do the Obama administration’s recent announcements about marijuana legalization and mandatory minimums really mean? What are some solutions to the national overdose crisis that takes more lives than car accidents or gun violence? Those were just some of the questions that over 1,000 people gathered to consider at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference hosted by the Drug Policy Alliance at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel October 23-26. Denver Westword has the entire coverage.

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