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Graphic: Seattle Hempfest
Seattle Hempfest is coming to Myrtle Edwards Park on the waterfront, August 21 and 22. See you there!

​​If you’ve never been to Seattle Hempfest, the world’s largest “protestival” based around marijuana, you really owe it to yourself. While it’s hard to describe the vibe of being in a crowd of a couple hundred thousand like-minded people, those who have been there keep coming back again and again.

Hempfest, going strong since 1991, is one of the best and almost certainly the biggest marijuana rally in the world. This year’s edition hits Seattle on Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22, and is dedicated to the memory of legendary hemp activist Jack Herer, whom the movement lost this year.
Free admission, good music, friendly people, and a beautiful setting have always been among the reasons to attend — and Myrtle Edwards Park on the lovely Seattle waterfront is guaranteed to be smelling really good once the party kicks in.
“The Seattle Hempfest is incredibly inspirational,” said Paul Stanford of this year’s primary sponsors The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation (THCF).
​”It is the largest event in the world for people who want hemp and cannabis legitimized and restored,” Stanford said. “If you want to have a good time and spend a day or two with a half million or so like-minded people, you should come to the Seattle Hempfest!”

Graphic: Miami For Change

​Police in Pontiac, Michigan say they are concerned about plans to hold what is being called “the largest cannabis/wellness event ever held in the Midwest” at the Silverdome in October.

The First Annual International Cannabis Convention is scheduled for Halloween weekend, October 29-31, according to event organizers Medical Marijuana Inc., reports Zlati Meyer at The Detroit Free Press.
Organizers expect up to 50,000 visitors, and have scheduled entertainers, exhibits, vendors, speakers and classes for the event. Vendor booth space is for sale as of this week.

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Photo: ToiBocks
While the locking system to access to hidden storage space is simple to operate, it is almost impossible to figure out unless you have the instructions.

​Looking right at home on a night stand or coffee table, the ToiBocks has quickly won an appreciative audience with its secret compartment for valuables such as adult novelties and DVDs, passports, credit cards, cash — and smoking materials.
“ToiBocks solved a real problem for me in my life, which was keeping my personal items easily accessible to me and inaccessible to everyone else,” Dawn Tulman, president of ToiBocks, Inc., told Toke of the Town.
Dawn came up with a unique solution, which involved hiding the items in plain sight in a stylish, attractive ToiBocks, which includes a simple locking system to keep private things private in an ample storage space.

MST3K Reefer Madness.jpg
Graphic: Fathom Events
You really don’t wanna miss this, man.

​It’s going to be the best Thursday in the history of the world.

The stars of many a stoner’s favorite hit TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, will take on the legendary 1936 cult classic Reefer Madness on August 19 for an evening of live, hilarious riffing and ridicule!
RiffTrax’s own Michael J. Nelson, Kevin “Tom Servo” Murphy and Bill “Crow T. Robot” Corbett — will be reunited on the big screen for the live broadcast, sharing an evening of poking fun at the cult classic feature that warned against the horrors of smoking marijuana.

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Photo: Larry King Live
Larry King lights a joint for federal medical marijuana patient Robert Randall on the air in 1988.

​​Now that TV and radio talk show icon Larry King has announced he’s retiring as host of CNN’s Larry King Live this fall after 25 years on the air, Toke of the Town thinks it’s a good time to remember some of the best stoned moments on the long-running show.

Larry King Live holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the longest running show with the same host in the same time slot. King has conducted 50,000 interviews, according to Wikipedia.
Inevitably, with that many shows under his belt, King has covered the marijuana issue quite a few times, resulting in some memorable episodes. Below are a few highlights from the show that go the best with bong hits.

California’s Cannabis Culture from amanda van west on Vimeo.

Amanda Van West’s Facebook
Amanda Van West: “It’s an exploration of the marijuana scene in California, and I hope it’ll create more dialogue about the issue”

​In November, Californians will vote on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

If they approve Prop 19, the Golden State will become the first in the U.S. to take such a major step towards ending cannabis prohibition.

Amanda Van West, a 24-year-old student from California, has just produced a 12-minute documentary, California Cannabis Culture, for her final MA dissertation/project documentary as she finishes her International Broadcast Journalism degree in London.

“It’s an exploration of the marijuana scene in California, and I hope it’ll create more dialogue about the issue, in preparation for our upcoming vote in November,” Amanda told Toke of the Town.

“It’s the story of the people fighting for it, the people fighting against it, the people selling it, the people making it less taboo, and the people who were around when the whole scene started,” Van West said.

Graphic: NORML

​Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, the legendary creator of Gonzo journalism, would have been 73 years old today.

Thompson’s Gonzo style of reporting involved immersing himself in the action to such an extent that he became the central figure in his own stories.
He was known for his savagely uncompromising writing style; his heroic intake of marijuana, psychedelics, and other drugs; his almost complete contempt for authority and rules; and his anarchist views.
Thompson became best known for his 1971 book, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, a strongly autobiographical tale of a drug-fueled Hollywood-to-Sin-City road trip with his 300-pound Samoan attorney.

Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan.jpeg
Photo: ArchiThings
The Silverdome, in Pontiac, Michigan, is scheduled to host a marijuana expo on Halloween weekend. Organizer Bruce Perlowin said he expects 100,000 visitors.

​What is being called “the largest cannabis/wellness event ever held in the Midwest” has been scheduled for Halloween weekend in Pontiac, Michigan, at the renowned Silverdome, according to Medical Marijuana Inc.

“The sheer size of the Pontiac Silverdome will allow for the sale of hundreds of exhibitor booths, a hundred thousand visitors and live band performances,” said Bruce Perlowin, the CEO of MJNA.
According to Perlowin, the experience his company has gained from the past year of doing small educational seminars has prepared MJNA to roll out large scale expos throughout the United States.

Graphic: Comic Book Resources
Maybe they should print it on rolling papers.

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Photo: StubHub

​Grammy Award-winning musician Ziggy Marley is expanding his artistic repertoire with the release of MarijuanaMan, a new comic book featuring a superhero from a planet that is in desperate need of THC (hey, that sounds a bit like Earth, actually).

Our hero, MarijuanaMan, seeks to save Earth’s marijuana fields from destruction by the evil drug company PharmeXon, thus saving his cannabinoid-starved home planet in the process.
The first issue’s of Ziggy’s MarijuanaMan book will hit shelves across the country on April 20, 2011, and Ziggy will be making an exclusive one-day-ony appearance this month at Comic-Con International in support of the new comic.
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