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I’m a fan of Colorado-centric strains, so I was surprised when a friend recently pointed out a glaring omission in our strain-review archives: 303 OG. Unlike Colorado Cough or Commerce City Kush, 303 OG (also called 303 Kush) has a reputation outside of the state, where it’s known for its Pre-’98 Bubba Kush and Chemdawg genetics as well as its social effects. But as with just about anything that’s become a local legend, some of 303 OG’s backstory is disputed.

Thomas Mitchell | Toke of the Town

Brace yourself: 4/20 is almost here, and the lineup of events for the week that includes April 20 is already piled high. On top of such regular suspects as a gathering in Civic Center Park and a stoner-centric concert at Red Rocks, there are some noteworthy newcomers this year, including pot-infused hikes and brunches, dispensary parking-lot parties and more. Here’s everything we know so far, in chronological order:

marijuana for autismiStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Michelle Walker moved her family to Colorado from Texas in 2017 looking for relief for her son, who suffers from severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and epileptic seizures — and she found it. Walker says that her ten-year-old boy, Vincent Zuniga, has made astonishing progress since they moved to Colorado in order to get access to medical marijuana. As a result, they’ve been able to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, Coors Field and other public places they wouldn’t have dreamed of going to before Vincent’s new medication.

“We could never do these things without medical cannabis,” Walker explains. “It allows us to live this quality of life the best we can.” Because of his seizures — one of the nine qualifying medical conditions for cannabis in Colorado — Vincent qualified for a medical marijuana card; as a result, Walker is able to give her son high-CBD cannabis medication. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, approximately one-third of those suffering from ASD also have epilepsy.

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Every week, Flavie Dokken goes for a couple of runs that last up to six hours each. The endurance athlete, a United States Army veteran and former bodybuilder, is now an ultramarathoner who plans to compete in multiple 50K and 100K races this year after winning last year’s 10K Rattler Trail Race in Colorado Springs and finishing February’s Mad Moose Pueblo Half Marathon with a 6:50 pace.

But even Dokken, 36, admits that for those in the last hour or two of those long runs, “you’re in pain.” To help push through those moments during training and help with her recovery afterward, Dokken turns to cannabis and CBD products.

dosidos strainHerbert Fuego

Add this year’s Girl Scout cookies season to a long list of blown opportunities for me. I walked by more than a dozens stands of Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Do-si-dos outside of grocery stores, breweries and even pot shops, but I kept abstaining, confident there would be another time to buy. Alas, now that time is gone, and my freezer never saw one box of Thin Mints.

Luckily for me, Denver’s dispensary scene is still providing chances to purchase Do-Si-Dos, but this version is getting stuffed into pipe bowls, not dipped in glasses of milk.

cannabis employeesScott Lentz

When buying cannabis from a dispensary, asking the employees what they think of the product is common practice. But to be able to answer those questions honestly, the employees must sample the product first — and none of those samples are free.

Because of Colorado’s seed-to-sale tracking system for commercial cannabis, which monitors every cannabis product from the moment the seed is planted to the moment it’s sold to the customer, as well as a 2015 ruling from the Marijuana Enforcement Division that prohibits licensed pot businesses from giving away cannabis samples, all of those products must be sold. And because of that, any employee samples must be paid for.

blue moon brewing founder Keith VillaCourtesy of Ceria Beverages

Keith Villa was working at Coors Brewing in 1995 when he created an unfiltered, Belgian-style beer that became the inspiration for the Blue Moon Brewing Company, which got its start as a special division in Golden and soon spread to locations at Coors Field and then RiNo. When the brewmaster retired from what’s now MolsonCoors early this year, he hinted that he had a plan to create a new beverage with “cutting-edge” ingredients.

And now we know what those are: Villa and his wife, Jodi, have partnered with an established Colorado cannabis extraction lab to start Ceria Beverages, a new line of THC-infused drinks with the “same onset time as alcohol,” according to a press release announcing the company’s launch.


After years of sitting on the sidelines, Colorado’s state lawmakers and local regulators are finally starting to address the issue of social cannabis consumption. Denver’s first licensed cannabis consumption lounge opened its doors earlier this month, while a bill in the Colorado General Assembly that would allow dispensary tasting rooms passed its first committee hearing March 19.

But what if it’s all for naught? According to a new study that surveyed more than 600 current cannabis users regarding their spending and consumption habits, most would prefer consuming in private. 

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