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The Silver Tour
Robert Platshorn spreads the truth about cannabis

By Robert Platshorn

The Silver Tour
I realized two years ago that not a single national cannabis legalization organization was reaching out to educate the voting public. A few do valuable lobbying, others provide news and information to those folks who are already supporters, and when invited, organizations like NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) present our case in public debate. All of these functions are important, but leave a tremendous void in ending marijuana prohibition.

Robert Platshorn
This is one of two different billboards that went up today in Florida as part of a push for the passage of medical marijuana in the state.

This billboard greeted motorists on a busy Florida highway after being unveiled Tuesday morning.

It’s one of two giant 48-foot billboards urging passage of medical marijuana for Floridians which Charles Stroud donated. Both are placed on Pompano, Florida’s busiest thoroughfare, Sample Road.
The billboards, donated by disabled Pennsylvania truck driver Stroud to The Silver Tour, are part of a push for the passage of medical marijuana in the Sunshine State, according to founder Robert Platshorn, who also directs Florida NORML.

The Silver Tour
This is one of two different billboards that will go up in Florida as part of a three-prong plan to push for the passage of medical marijuana in the state.

Medical marijuana will hit the road in Florida at 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. That’s when two 48-foot billboards urging passage of medical marijuana for Floridians will be unveiled. Strategically placed on Pompano, Florida’s busiest thoroughfare, Sample Road, these signs carry a potent message.

The giant billboards are sponsored by The Silver Tour, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating senior voters about medical marijuana. The Silver Tour’s founder and director of NORML of Florida, Robert Platshorn, is the man who convinced Lake Worth Rep. Jeff Clemens to file Florida’s first bill for medical marijuana in the state capitol, Tallahassee.
The billboards are part of a three-prong plan to push for the passage of medical marijuana in Florida, according to Platshorn.


​Could Colombia be making a play to return to its days of glory, back in the late 1970s, when it was likely the number one supplier of marijuana in the world? One could easily assume as much based upon the multi-ton busts happening there recently.

Colombian police seized almost 10,000 pounds — nearly five tons — of marijuana over the span of three drays in Medellin and Pereira, authorities said on Monday, reports Sara Gates at The Huffington Post.
According to Colombia Reports, in the main bust, Medellin police arrested four men who tried to smuggle 5,000 pounds of weed in a truck carrying oranges. The payload, consisting of “more than 101 bales of marijuana,” weighed about 5,597 pounds.

Sharon Letts
This delicious-looking shot, “Bowl o’ Sour D,” is one of the photographs by Sharon Letts which will be part of “The Marijuana Show” this Saturday in Humboldt County, California. Sour Diesel is a Humboldt favorite, trimmed fluffy for personal use (indoor, organic).

“The Marijuana Show” Features Photos, Paintings
Saturday, March 3, 6 p.m. to Midnight

By Sharon Letts
Eureka, California – “‘The Marijuana Show’ will embrace the elephant in the room,” said co-organizer Alice Krause of the Humboldt Kinetic Association Artist Co-op in Old Town Eureka. “Local artists and photographers will be sharing their take on the many aspects of cannabis culture in Humboldt.”
Co-sponsored by Hobart Galleries and The Kinetic Sculpture Race Museum, which shares the same space, the show features oil paintings by Curtis Otto and photos by both Kym Kemp and Sharon Letts. Humboldt Canna quilters will also be coming out of the closet with the 420 Quilt project.

Revolution Live

​The 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert will be held Sunday, February 19, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to raise funds for NORML of Florida (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), The Silver Tour, Patients Out of Time (POT) and PUFMM’s (People United For Medical Marijuana) campaign to protect medical marijuana patients’ rights. The event will be hosted by NORML of Florida, Ploppy Palace Productions and Revolution Live.

Currently a statewide campaign is underway to change the medical marijuana laws in Florida. There is legislation currently in both the state House and Senate — a first in 30 years! — as well as a statewide petition signature drive.
As part of the benefit concert — which will be a three-stage extravaganza — some of South Florida’s top bands, spoken word artists and community activists will join together to support patients’ right to use and physicians’ right to recommend medicinal cannabis.

In the late 1970s, Robert “The Tuna” Platshorn was a marijuana smuggler and leader of South Florida’s notorious “Black Tuna” gang.
Now, after spending 30 years in prison, Platshorn, 70, is a book author (Black Tuna Diaries), subject of a documentary film (Square Grouper) — and an activist working to make medical marijuana legal in the Sunshine State.
The goal of The Silver Tour, according to Platshorn, is to educate and inform seniors on the benefits and exciting discoveries in the medical cannabis field, and to encourage activism for legalization and create demand for safe access to medical marijuana.

The Weed Blog

​Medical marijuana patients in Florida may be one step closer to lighting up legally thanks to a state senator.

State Senator Larcenia Bullard (D-Miami), recently filed Senate Joint Resolution 1028, a Senate bill to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes in the Sunshine State, in an effort to get it on the 2012 ballot, according to a Central Florida 13 news report by Troy Kinsey and Margaret Kavanagh.
Representative Jeff Clements of Lake Worth also introduced companion legislation, HJR 353, reports Kristal Roberts at ABC Action News.
Bullard’s bill creates an amendment that allows people with debilitating medical conditions to use marijuana as treatment on the recommendation of a doctor. The bill legislation would also allow medical marijuana farms and dispensaries to operate in Florida.

The Silver Tour
Senior citizens in Florida became medical marijuana political activists by the end of The Silver Tour’s presentation, featuring Robert Platshorn, federal medical marijuana patient Irv Rosenfeld and others. Imagine the impact of a nationwide Silver Tour.

​What if I told you there is a secret weapon that, if understood and utilized by the cannabis reform community, could fairly quickly and very decisively decide the issue of marijuana legalization once and for all?
Everybody knows that cannabis legalization is very, very near the tipping point in the United States. Even the folks at Gallup, not exactly known for wild-eyed political statements, said this month after examining their latest poll results — which showed that a record-high 50 percent of Americans support legalization — that “If this current trend on legalizing marijuana continues, pressure may build to bring the nation’s laws into compliance with the people’s wishes.”
Drilling down into the results of that same Gallup poll reveals our potential secret weapon for marijuana legalization.
Support for legalizing cannabis is directly and inversely proportional to age, ranging from 62 percent approval among those 18 to 29, down to only 31 percent among those 65 and older.
Now, let’s think about that for a moment. One of the age groups which would most directly and immediately benefit from marijuana legalization would be our senior citizens. Acquainting seniors with this fact, and energizing them politically to support legalization, could hasten the arrival of legal cannabis by years.

Graphic: CSMP

​Miami Beach, Florida voters may get a chance to vote on decriminalizing marijuana this fall, making it the first city in South Florida to reduce the penalty for pot to a $100 fine instead of criminal charges.

Sensible Florida (Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy), a group which works to legalize cannabis, said it has collected more than double the number of signatures needed to put the measure on the ballot, reports Tim Elfrink at Miami New Times; normally, doubling the required number all-but-ensures that enough valid names are present to qualify.
The group said it will present 9,000 signatures at Miami Beach City Hall on Wednesday, July 13.