Stoner Photo of the Day: The Flower That Scares Big Pharma


Photo: No Longer Sad in Western WA
Jillybean by TGA Genetics, day 65, harvested on day 66. “Just because I’m a proud granny — and this plant was just so incredibly beautiful at harvest time,” No Longer Sad tells us. 

‚ÄčSee that pretty flower?

It scares the hell out of Big Pharma.
Because when people can have their own organically grown anti-depressant, anti-tumor, anti-nausea, pain medication, what do they need Big Pharma’s high prices and harsh chemicals for?

Meanwhile, Big Pharma waits in the wings, hoping to keep cannabis as a scheduled substance so that it can reap profits off pills and oral sprays made from the herb even as the federal government busily raids dispensaries — which are helping patients with access to real organic medicine.
“Tastes like Orange Creamsicles from school days,” No Longer Sad told us of the beautiful Jillybean by TGA Genetics/Subcool pictured above. “Very clear, clean, happy high… Did I say high high? Yep, I’m a happy camper. And the clone’s already two feet tall.”
“Jillybean offers a clean, happy feeling, great for morning use as a natural anti-depressant without the side effects of nausea or emotional numbing usually encountered with pharmacologicals,” No Longer Sad, a long-term depression patient, told us.
“It stimulates motivation and does not seem to invoke paranoia,” she said.
According to the TGA Genetics site, Jillybean is 60 percent sativa/40 percent indica. But the sativa force is strong with this one.
“She does have big fan leaves for a sativa,” No Longer Sad told us, “but the buds are all sativa, the leaf drop all sativa, the high all sativa.”
Danny Danko’s Official High Times Guide to Marijuana Strains says Jillybean was developed by Subcool’s partner, MzJill, by crossing a gifted, clone-only Orange Velvet female with a Space Queen male.