Iowa woman claims McDonalds served her a weed burger


We’re not sure what special lingo you’ve got to know to get this on your next #3 meal, but a man and his pregnant partner say they found marijuana in a double cheeseburger they purchased from a McDonalds in Ottumwa, Iowa last month.

It seems 23-year-old Brittany Songer is a regular at the south Ottumwa McDonalds. Even before she was pregnant she would eat there “two or three times a day”. Now pregnant, Songer has cravings and a loving fiancĂ©, Cory Long, who is willing to drive to the south side of town to get her a double cheeseburger because the other McDonalds locations aren’t up to Songer’s standards.
Long did just that the other week, only when he brought it back the order was all wrong.
“Cory brought me food and I offered a bite to my 2-year-old son, luckily he didn’t take one,” Brittany Songer told the Ottumwa Evening Post. “Then I took a bite of my burger and got mad at Cory. It tasted bad, and I thought maybe it was because he had cologne on his hands when he bit it. Then I opened the burger and the cheese was just covered with weed.”
Even though she was already eating McDonalds up to three times daily, the leafy substance they found in between the “all beef patties” after each taking a bite of the burger disgusted and horrified the pregnant mother. She went on to add: “Once I opened those burgers, you couldn’t smell McDonald’s anymore. You could only smell the illegal drugs that were on it.”
According to Ottumwa Police Lt. Jason Bell, the couple went back to the restaurant after Songer got off of work and told the manager about what they had found. No word on which burger cook was secretly devastated that his after work plans had found their way into the dinner of a passing motorist.
Apparently the management didn’t deal with the situation well enough or offer the couple enough free fries and burgers. In fact, that is probably the most upsetting thing to Songer.
“What really upsets me is that I have been a loyal customer of McDonald’s and they have not once apologized. They didn’t even offer me a refund, they just remade my burgers,” Songer told her local paper (she went on to say that she no longer can trust food made by other people).
Because of the non-reaction from McDonalds, Songer ended up calling the cops who came and began an investigation. And, since it’s a small town in Iowa, they can’t be for sure that the material that is “consistent with marijuana” is actually marijuana until they send it off to the state lab.
Apparently we’re not the only people doubting her story. Songer also told the post that they aren’t faking this whole thing or trying to milk the story ala the infamous McDonalds coffee incident.
“With the coffee incident, you should know that coffee is going to be hot. Maybe not scalding hot, but it is going to be hot. You should not be aware of illegal drugs in your food,” said Songer. “I’m pregnant, and my two-year-old almost ate it.”
A lawsuit is apparently on the table if the tests come back positive for pot.