Florida’s United For Care Releases Its First Ad for Medical Marijuana Legalization


With voters set to hit the ballots in less than two months, and the medical marijuana initiative polling strong, United for Care is taking it strong to the hoop by releasing it’s first thirty second ad for the final push.
The new ad, titled “It Worked,” showcases United for Care’s message that Amendment 2 allows Florida doctors to recommend the use of medical pot specifically and strictly to patients with debilitating diseases and medical conditions.

This, in stark contrast to the Drug Free Florida folks, who have been hammering the message that passing Amendment 2 would lead to outright pot legalization throughout the state without regulation and alleged loop holes found in the measure.
The United for Care goes on to tell viewers that 23 other states have already voted to legalize medical marijuana, and that the measure is not only keeping the government from meddling with doctor-patient relationships but that the measure is also working in those states.

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