Florida Medical Marijuana Backer John Morgan Slammed For Appealing To Potheads


Legalize this for medical reasons in Florida.

Super trial lawyer John Morgan is on the road this month talking up Amendment 2, the move to legalize medical marijuana in Florida that he’s pumped millions of his own dollars into supporting. That’s when Morgan made two deadly errors, at least in the minds of Amendment 2’s opponents: He appealed to potheads and sounded a little drunk while doing so. This morning, the tape makes its debut in the newest attack ads against the proposal.
“If you motherfuckers don’t get up and vote,” Morgan tells the raucous crowd, “Fuck it all, we can’t win.”
He’s right, motherfuckers. Vote.

Here’s the thing, though: There’s nothing wrong with Amendment 2 backers courting outright potheads to support the measure. Getting the Grateful Dead crowd to the polls is a damned smart move if they want this thing to pass. That doesn’t mean, as the ad claims, that the bill “is not medical marijuana.”
And yeah, earlier in his speech Morgan does joke about “smoking grass” himself as the college-aged crowd hoots and hollers. Again, there’s nothing wrong with playing to an audience.
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