Despite Police Propaganda, Number of Halloween Trick-or-Treaters in Denver Dosed With Pot Edibles: Zero


A graphic shared by the Denver Police Department on Halloween. More photos and two videos below.

On Halloween, the Denver Police Department’s warnings about trick-or-treaters possibly being slipped marijuana edibles reached its peak with the graphic seen here — one that essentially suggests, against all available evidence, that pot candy could kill children. But if DPD reps hoped the #CheatTheReaper hashtag would become a thing, they must have been sorely disappointed. A Twitter search this morning showed it wasn’t used a single time that day — a total that matches the number of marijuana dosings reported in the city in the wake of the Halloween festivities.

The department can hardly claim that the lack of incidents proves its efforts succeeded. As 7News noted in advance of the holiday, only one child per year in 2012 and 2013 was reportedly exposed to marijuana — and there’s no indication that these situations came about as a result of ingesting candy given to them by strangers while trick or treating.
It’s not tough to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist.
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