Why Did Florida’s Medical Marijuana Proposal Fail?


William Breathes.

Amendment 2 got more votes than Rick Scott, Jeff Atwater, and Pam Bondi. More Floridians voted yes on 2 than they did no. Yet, Florida remains a state without legalized medical marijuana. Simply because it couldn’t get those final two percentage points to push it over the top.
What did Amendment 2 in was, not surprisingly, demographics.

Sixty-three percent of those 65 years of age or older voted no on 2. That came down to 25 percent of the vote. Not shockingly, it was the younger voters who came out in force for Amendment 2, with 79 percent of the 18-to-29 demo voting for the initiative to pass.
Yet it wasn’t enough. Because the amendment needed 60 percent to pass.
And Florida is the only state that requires 60 percent to pass a ballot initiative. More on the failure to get enough votes over at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.