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Americans are no longer safe to cultivate common garden vegetables without risking the violent wrath of the drug war. No other citizen understands this lunacy quite like Georgia resident Dwayne Perry, who told reporters at WSB-TV that he was raided by drug agents earlier last week after an aerial surveillance unit mistook his okra crop for marijuana.
That’s right — it appears as though Georgia law enforcement has not had enough experience taking down marijuana grow operations to distinguish the difference between okra and the cannabis plant.

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One of the most interesting and admittedly humorous aspects of being a foot soldier for the War on Prohibition is having the opportunity to duke it out against a legion grey haired propaganda suckers, who even though they may have never smoked a joint a day in their lives, remain adamant that alcohol is more appropriate than marijuana.
In a recent article from The American Spectator, Editor in Chief R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. suggests that alcohol, specifically a scotch, is a more civilized recreational inebriate than marijuana because “one does not sit down to a scotch and soda to get blitzed, unless one is a veritable drunk.” He then proceeds to suggest that marijuana users are no different from the “sad spectacle” of the true alcoholic because both users consume their substance of choice for one reason: to get “blitzed” and “dropout.”

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SWAT: shooting first and asking questions later since 1964.

When it comes to the violent, gun-toting soldiers of the drug war, there is nothing sacred as long as the result is a bust, a dead citizen, or at bare minimum, a bullet in a frightened grandmother. Only then can these generic GI Joes walk away from a midnight ambush feeling as though they have made significant progress in Nixon’s vision to inflict terror on the American drug user.
Earlier last month, the Drug Enforcement Administration was on a mission to make the world a better place when the kicked down the door to the residence of 49-year-old grandmother Lilian Alonzo and proceeded to shoot her when she reached for her infant grandchild in an effort to protect her from what she believed to be a home invasion.

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A Missouri school district is now up against an angry dad after suspending his daughter for the majority of the 2014 school year because they found references to marijuana written in her personal journal. What is even more disgusting is that her disciplinary papers indicated that she had been suspended for “possession of a controlled substance,” even though she is not guilty of anything other than penning her thoughts.

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In perhaps one of the most blatantly obvious and useless pieces of research to ever emerge on the marijuana culture, pseudo-scientists from the Boston Children’s Hospital claim that the youth of America is using recreational marijuana to put them in a better mood after suffering the heinous wrath of a bad day. In other words, these hoodlums are smoking weed to forget about the dreaded events of the day rather than going on a violent rampage against everyone who even looked at them wrong.
How dare they!


While the United States military continues to frown on its soldiers’ use of marijuana, the Italian army is planning to puts its troops to work in the cannabis fields to cultivate medicine for patients throughout the nation. In addition, the country announced earlier last week that it will release nearly 10,000 inmates that have been incarcerated due to outdated pot laws — making Italy the latest nation to impose sensible drug reform.


The Wolves of Wall Street may have paved their way to success and ultimately, a federal penitentiary by snorting copious amounts of cocaine and gang banging high-end prostitutes while running penny stock scams on blue-collar America, but these cash carnivores are preparing to sink their teeth into a new kind of green these days – legal marijuana.

The government would rather see pot smokers homeless.

Despite Colorado having passed legislation to legalize limited amounts of marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 and up, some residents remain victimized by lingering, antiquated pot laws. Indeed, the purgatory between a progressive state law and federal prohibition have continued to wreak havoc on residents like 87-year-old Lea Olivier, who was recently evicted from federal housing after an inspector claimed to smell weed. Now, she has less than two weeks to find a new place to live.


Ever since the legitimized cannabis commerce became a reality in the United States, pot peddlers and other weed-slinging warriors in the medicinal and recreational sector have been challenged to track down lenders that do not have gnawing fear of being gang raped in a federal penitentiary to help finance their ventures. This is because traditional banking institutions have flat-out-refused to walk that fine line where the possibility exists that Uncle Sam could show up at their front door, label them money launderers, and then cart the president of the bank off to the nearest tattoo parlor to have a set of giant set of tits branded across his shoulders.
It is for this reason that unconventional lending services have become increasingly more attractive for ganjapreneurs scouring the planet for someone willing to give them a small business loan. And while the majority of these lenders typically market themselves as stiff collared elitists with a nubby chubby for dicey business deals, the newest lender to emerge on the scene pulls no punches regarding its intentions – it aims to profit by lending money to sleazy bastards all across the nation.


Delaware is known for having some of the most obscene and outdated pot laws in the United States, with possession of even small amounts of the ganja punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine up to $1,150. Not only is this powdered wig injustice smearing the permanent records of many citizens who would not otherwise have a criminal history, but in most cases, these people cannot even afford the proper legal council to give them a fighting chance in court.
Fortunately, attorney Thomas Donovan maintains the belief that petty pot offenders should not have to shell out big bucks for a solid legal defense, which is why he now offers free legal services to stoners.