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Photo: Beverly Hills NORML

​​The California Marijuana Report™, a cutting edge report for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws featuring California cannabis news, music and culture, has joined forces with Beverly Hills NORML.

“The CMR will broadcast from the elegant and well-connected NORML 90210,” said host Eric Brenner. “We are thrilled to be joining forces with such visionaries as Cheryl Shuman and Fred Rhoades, who share my passion to legalize marijuana.”


​Dude… This story’s probably gonna make you feel better about yourself, because you are so much more together than the idiot in Flagstaff, Arizona, who busted into a head shop and stole $300 worth of fake weed Monday night.

In the police blotter of Wednesday’s Arizona Daily Sun is a report of a burglary at the Kind Connection Tattoo and Smoke Shop (I’ve never been there and I already love the place), where the burglar only stole two items: a $200 incense vaporizer and $300 worth of fake pot.
The burglar bashed in the front window with a baseball bat — setting off, of course, the store’s alarm system — went in, selected the two items, and left, reports James King at Phoenix New Times.

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Encycloweedia works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version 2.0 software or later.

​A Dallas architecture company found business to be a little too slow for their liking. Unlike many others, they did something creative — and lucrative — about it. They created “Encycloweedia,” an iPhone app that serves as a one-stop resource for potheads.

Since Hub City Productions released the application in November, it’s been one of the top 20 reference apps on Apple’s site, reports Patrick Williams at the Dallas Observer.
The $1.99 app is being downloaded about 200 times a day, according to Hub City’s Robert Romano. “It’s blowing our minds,” Romano said. “It’s crazy.”
Romano said there’s a serious side to Encycloweedia: Countless seriously ill people — not necessarily recreational smokers — who don’t know much about marijuana and its effects need an easy-to-find source of good information.
“The head shops and dispensaries are just full of attitude,” Romano said. The app, according to Romano, “is like Pot Smoking For Dummies.”
Among example of useful information provided by Encycloweedia are marijuana recipes. Pot-naive patients might be too ill to smoke, but might have no idea how to cook with the herb.

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Photo: alapoet
Seattleites protest marijuana laws in the annual Marijuana March, May 2008.

​As promised, Seattle’s new city attorney is dismissing marijuana possession cases.

By the end of January, more than 25 people charged with possession could be off the hook, reports Linda Brill at KING 5 News.
Even if you are arrested for marijuana in Seattle, it’s more than likely you won’t be prosecuted.
During his campaign for city attorney, Pete Holmes promised he would dismiss marijuana possession cases brought by his predecessor, former City Attorney Pete Carr. Despite an initiative passed by Seattle voters a few years ago, Carr’s office had continued to vigorously prosecute many cannabis cases.

Photo: Alachua County Jail
Robert Michael Grady, Jr. tried to eat his marijuana; now he’s charged with felony tampering instead of misdemeanor possession

​A Florida man who was pulled over for not using his turn signal ended up in jail for allegedly trying to eat a handful of marijuana.

Gainesville Police said the man would only have been charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, but is now charged with a felony for tampering with evidence, reports Karen Voyles of The Gainesville Sun.
An officer said he saw Robert Michael Grady, 27, put the marijuana in his mouth and start chewing.
Grady was arrested at 2:36 a.m. Monday and was also charged with habitually driving with a suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Officer Byron Carroll said when he pulled Grady over, he saw him in the driver’s seat holding “a large handful” of a green, leafy substance that was later identified as marijuana. Grady then put the substance in his mouth, the officer said.

I didn’t catch the question, ladies, but the answer is probably yes.

​Ganja Girls Minna and Kristin doing bikini bong rips in a YouTube video…

Folks, it’s hard not to love America at a time like this.
Life may not always be a perfect party, but there are definitely some compensations.
Among those are these two appealingly stoned young ladies, who somehow seem almost sweetly shy.

SAFER Campuses Initiative

​With the spring semester beginning at colleges around the nation, the SAFER Campuses Initiative, letting students know marijuana is safer than alcohol, is off to an early start, according to Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER).

Every objective study on marijuana, according to SAFER, has concluded that marijuana is far safer than alcohol. Yet most of the nation’s universities punish students far more harshly for pot than for booze.
“In doing so, they are sending a dangerous message that fosters and perpetuates a ‘culture of alcohol’ on campuses nationwide, and drives students to drink rather than make the rational, safer choice to use marijuana instead,” SAFER says in a press release.

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Graphic: ABC News/Washington Post
Support for medical marijuana, already high in 1997, his risen to even greater levels in the past dozen years.

​More than eight in 10 Americans support legalizing marijuana for medical use, according to a new poll. Almost half favor decriminalizing the herb completely.

According to the new ABC News/Washington Post national poll, 81 percent support legalizing cannabis for medicinal use, up from already sizable 69 percent support in 1997.
Support for both medical marijuana and decriminalizing for all adults is far higher than it was a decade ago, reports poll analyst Gary Langer at ABC News.

Photo: Luke Parker, Western Leader
New Zealand’s Dakta Green: “Live like it’s legal”

​New Zealand has one of the highest rates of marijuana smoking in the world, and soon those Kush-loving Kiwis will have “cannabis clubs” throughout the country where they can indulge in their pastime.

“Pot dens,” where people can smoke, buy or even formally study the illegal herb, are poised to open throughout the country this year, reports Tamara McLean at Australia’s Brisbane Times.

Ganja Girl Veronica Bully makes guys wish they were a bong.

​Poet Allen Ginsberg got it exactly right more than 50 years ago: Pot is Fun.

Even through all the political struggles currently facing the marijuana consumer, it’s important never to lose sight of that essential fact. For many of us, the enjoyment of cannabis is just another way to affirm the joy of being alive.
For those of us who just aren’t into being uptight around such issues, the three B’s — Buds, Bongs, and Babes — are a potent triumvirate of our very favorite, most life-affirming impulses.
One man who understands that well is Mike Smith, who founded the site just a few months ago.
In addition to lots of useful grow tips, HTGB regularly features “Ganja Girls” photos from readers and members of the marijuana community, in which attractive ladies let their hair down and fire their bongs up for freedom.
Mike, 29, told Toke of the Town he has been smoking pot since the age of 14, “with the exception of a six-year break when I joined the Army.”
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