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There are studies that suggest medical marijuana can reduce pain and even prevent suicide.
So if doctors in California can recommend it for adults, shouldn’t they be able to encourage it for teens? Researchers at the Mayo Clinic just say no in an opinion published this week: The clinic says cannabis is an “increasingly available option” for teenagers with chronic pain that doctors and parents should “avoid.” Of course, the study also claims pot causes pain. So you might want to take the results with a grain of THC. L.A. Weekly has the rest.

You shouldn’t be buying shitty bongs like this anyway.

Starting July 1, Florida residents won’t be able to buy bongs. Instead, you’ll have to purchase water pipes for tobacco use only (nudge-nudge, wink-wink).
Gov. Rick Scott signed the ban into law June 5, though it’s significantly less restrictive than originally proposed by former crack-addict Rep. Darryl Rouson of St. Petersburg.

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Growing up in a rough Miami neighborhood in the 1970’s, Carl Hart was no stranger to life on the streets. One of eight kids, living in decrepit low-income housing projects, Hart watched his abusive father physically torment their mother for years.
Raised amid gunshots, domestic violence, and utter poverty, Hart was using and pushing a variety of drugs, had held someone at gunpoint, was committing robberies, and had unknowingly fathered a child – all by the age of 16. He seemed to be right on track to becoming another statistic in south Florida, another wasted youth.


Despite the fact that Arizona has a medical-marijuana law, that law does not turn a neighborhood weed dealer into a bona fide medical-marijuana salesman.
This apparently comes as news to several Phoenix residents, as a New Times review of superior court filings shows that police have busted several dealers over the last few weeks, and were discovered by police because they offered “medical marijuana” for sale on Craigslist. Phoenix New Times has the rest.


For the second time in two weeks, a Mexican national was busted trying to smuggle weed into the United States by hiding the product in jalapeños.
Whereas the Mexican national who attempted to bring more than 3,300 pounds of weed on May 27 stuffed the pot inside cans of jalapeños, the 27-year-old gentleman who tried to bring his haul into the country on Friday opted for the fresh variety. Valley Fever has the rest.

Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It may seem counter intuitive to tell your employer “It’s none of your business what I do when I’m not here” when they ask for a drug test. But that’s what an employee with the Halifax Streets Department in Nova Scotia told his boss after his boss says he smelled weed in the city truck in which the employee was a passenger.
The employee, listed only as “Mr. Jeffery” in the ruling, says he is a recreational user of cannabis and that he would have tested positive, but he maintains that there was no evidence of impairment or on-the-job drug use and refused the drug test – and the courts have backed the employee’s decision.

Cannabis Culture.
Marc Emery.

Marc Emery, who was convicted and jailed for the non-violent “crime” of selling pot seeds to people in the U.S. from Canada, has been placed in solitary confinement in the prison where he is serving his 5-year sentence.
His offense now? Playing in a rock and roll band and being proud of his accomplishments in learning the bass guitar over the last two years.

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Despite the attempts of Colorado lawmakers to put marijuana-centered magazines behind the counter at booksellers and convenience stores like pornography, pot publications won’t have to be hidden from view.
Colorado Attorney General John Suthers ruled that the provision of Colorado’s new recreational marijuana laws regulating how marijuana magazines are sold is unconstitutional and said he won’t go to court to defend it.

Jim Berns.

Jim Berns, a Libertarian candidate for mayor in Cincinnati is all for ending the war on marijuana. So much so that its part of his political platform.But apparently Berns is also a fan of gimmicky advertising.
Earlier this week he sent out a press release of himself and two other men with a tray of plants. Berns is holding a sign that reads “FREE MARIJUANA PLANTS” and promised to give them away at a press conference Wednesday. Despite marijuana not being legal in Ohio for any reason, about 30 people showed up allegedly expecting ganja plants.

A coffee shop menu.

After the Netherlands banned public cannabis shops in border towns, southern Netherlands coffee shop owners say their business – both local and foreign – went in the gutter. Despite their anti-cannabis stance, the courts agreed and say the owners are entitled to compensation.
But the move also clarified the laws, upholding the bans and other measures used to prevent tourists from buying drugs in the country.

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