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A frame from the ABC news report.

A California family claims school officials and police targeted and set up their special-needs high school-aged son in an undercover sting at Temecula, California’s Chaparral High School. Doug Snodgrass, the father of the unnamed boy, says the move has left his son shattered and unable to trust anyone.
In a lawsuit filed against the district, Snodgrass says says the school “participated with local authorities in an undercover drug sting that intentionally targeted and discriminated against their son” likely due to past behavioral issues at his former school.

Gilberto Santiesteban, Jr.

The family that grew ganja together is now the family that pleaded guilty together. In the spring of last year, federal agents and Miami-Dade narcotics detectives dismantled a clan of marijuana growers that distributed thousands of pounds of high-grade weed from South Florida to New York City. Gilberto Santiesteban Jr., his dad, and his three brothers operated 21 grow houses for nearly seven years. Heck, even their significant others participated in the green conspiracy. It all unraveled when the Santiestebans decided to kidnap and murder a man who stole close to 50 pounds of their herb.
Miami New Times has the rest.


An alleged marijuana grower in upscale Ranchos Palos Verdes (a suburb of L.A.) has to have the worst luck ever.
Cops searching for a burglar from a case several blocks to the north came across a suspicious man in a car parked outside the alleged grower’s house, and that prompted authorities to search the home: It all started Thursday afternoon when deputies went to the 27800 block of Alaflora Drive in the Rancho Palos Verdes based on a report of burglary suspects in the area, according to a sheriff’s statement released over the weekend.

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BB Ranch.

No, its not going to make you stoned. It’s could make you fat, though. A butcher in Seattle has begun serving pork from pot-fed pigs, and says the taste is hog-heaven.
Cassandra Sawywer with the Seattle Met uncovered the tip the other week in talking with the head butcher of BB Ranch butcher shop at the Pike Place Market in Washington. He dubbed them “pot pigs”, and came up with the idea with Bucking Boar Farms owner who already serves pigs used vodka grains from a nearby distillery.

Morgan Loew.

Morgan Loew, a douchebag reporter with Phoenix’s CBS 5, had a hunch: that only young and healthy people were getting a medical marijuana card from doctors who didn’t really care about following the rules. Sick people be damned.
So what did he do? He faked his way into getting a card with a real ailment: a sore back. He saw both a chiropractor (to build up a history) as well as the doctor who recommended cannabis for what Loew described as “distracting” pain that limited his ability to run.


Nationally-known drug counselor Dr. Christian Thurstone says that people will develop strong marijuana addictions and will start injecting marijuana to find a deeper, heavier high. Okay, if you’re done hysterically laughing, we’ll move on.
The basis for his assertion? Well, it certainly has nothing to do with science. Instead, Thurstone basis this on so-called “addiction rates” he’s seen in studies and the fact that BHO has become so popular. And people actually consider this guy an expert. Clearly he’s really only an expert at ass-backwards paranoia. Read the rest of Thurstone’s idiotic assertion over at Denver Westword.


Is the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, Missouri afraid of marijuana reform? Advocacy group Show-Me Cannabis says the management at the theater denied the organization’s vendor application for the Pointfest music festival — specifically because it worried about damaging its reputation. The venue apparently didn’t want to be associated with “illegal” activities.
It was especially frustrating for the group, because Show-Me Cannabis isn’t even pushing for legalization at this time — just local decriminalization reforms. Volunteers just wanted to hand out pamphlets and sell t-shirts. Riverfront Times has the story.

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You probably know the rules by now: in New York City, if you’re caught in public view with pot, or in possession of 25 grams or more, you’re getting a violation. Because of this (well, at least, partially), New Yorkers made up 99.2 percent (149,951) of the entire state’s marijuana-related arrests of 155,048 stoners last year.
But lately, the external pressures placed on internal agencies by the incredibly high rates has become an engine for policy shifts. This is why Governor Cuomo continues to try to outlaw the public view provision in the criminal code last year. And why Bloomberg has opted out of the ‘stay overnight in jail, be at court in the morning’ situation for marijuana offenders. And why NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has even told his officers to chill with the pot arrests. Luckily, it looks like these efforts are actually showing real-time results. Village Voice has the 4-1-1.

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