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Patrick Quinn, from a screenshot of KHOU coverage.

Police in this country have a problem. Sure, there may be some good, honest cops out there but they’re too often overshadowed by bully-creeps like 26-year-old Patrick Quinn, a school district cop in Houston.
During a recent traffic stop, Quinn allegedly told a woman he smelled weed in the car. That’s not what he wanted to be smelling, though. Nope. His olfactory glands were tuned to other things: her feet and underwear.

A screen capture from the CBS report about Operation Grow4Vets, on view below.

Back in May, we told you about Operation Grow4Vets, an organization dedicated to providing free cannabis to veterans who may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Now, founder Roger Martin’s brainchild has gotten its biggest boost yet: a CBS profile on view below. And he hopes the exposure will help bring the project to the next level.

More than 20 percent of all vets coming home from the Middle East report at least some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. For some, it shows in depression and anxiety or an inability to function normally in day-to-day civilian life. For others, it’s more grave.
After two tours in Afghanistan, Matt Kahl says the only way out he saw after returning home was through suicide. He tried and failed, and likely would have tried again if it wasn’t for one thing: cannabis.

A husband allegedly shot is wife in the head in Denver Monday night. And while the crime is horrible, it is primarily making news because police and Denver media are latching on to the rumor that the man may have been high on marijuana at the time.
But what police aren’t making a big deal is their absurdly slow reaction time – 13 minutes – nor do they have any concrete evidence of marijuana consumption or that it contributed to the incident (hint: it didn’t).

While every Colorado town has a story, most are – in some way or another – related to the state’s rich mining history. Not Garden City, however. That town was founded on alcohol. Specifically: booze was outlawed in Greeley, Colorado even after prohibition, so in 1935 town founders created a four block by five block devoted to bars and liquor sales.
In a case of history repeating itself, Greeley has banned recreational pot sales, but not Garden City.

Michael Saffioti.

Last year, 22-year-old Michael Saffioti had a warrant out for a misdemeanor pot charge in Washington state. Despite having severe allergies and asthma, Saffioti turned himself in and turned over his life to jailers who let him die from an allergic reaction to his breakfast despite knowing full well of his condition.
At the time, the state denied pressing any criminal charges against anyone in his death because there wasn’t enough evidence. But a new video turned up by KIRO 7 in Seattle shows Saffioti questioning what he was being fed to guards who had medical files on him.

Wikipedia commons/Simon.

A twenty-foot boat filled with 80 pounds of dirt weed from Mexico capsized in plain view of some butt-nekkid beachgoers and surfers near Santa Cruz, California yesterday.
The capsized boat washed ashore around 11 a.m. Monday, according to police. At least, that’s when distress calls came in from concerned beachgoers about a crew of a small boat drowning.

Two-year-old Vivian Wilson suffers from major siezures that could be helped by cannabis.

Update 3:20 p.m. 8-16-2013: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie doesn’t care about suffering, sick children in his state. That’s the message sent to medical marijuana supporters today after the guv vetoed a bill and sent a bill easing minor access to medical cannabis back to the legislature for fixes.
Among his chief complaints: edibles should be accessible only to minors and children would still need two doctors to sign off before the children could access medical cannabis. Christie says he will sign the bill if those issues are addressed.

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