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Dope! That’s what comic books are! Dope! And those dirty books should be scrubbed, put through the wringer and have the dirt squeezed from them!
At least, that’s the gist of this December 30, 1948 column in the Steamboat (Colorado) Pilot by George Bowra, an (at the time) relatively well-known figure in the American West. The tone of the article is over the top, bordering on satire — which might make sense considering Bowra’s history as a colorful character. But we’re not so sure he was joking.


Support for Florida’s medical marijuana amendment has been riding high in polls for so long that it almost seemed like its passage would be a foregone conclusion. But a funny thing seems to have happened on the way to the ballot box.
Two new polls show that the amendment is now well below the 60 percent approval it needs to meet in order to be adopted into the state constitution.

Failed reality TV show “Texas Takedown” lands cops in court

Apparently full to the brim with shows about everything from hoarders to housewives, reality TV producers in the state of Texas have found a new format to film – the home invasion.
The proposed show is called “Texas Takedown” and it follows a crew-cut band of Lone Star state lawmen as they kick down the doors of unsuspecting Texans from Austin to the Alamo, hoping that whatever waits on the other side is at least good for ratings.
On September 22nd of 2011, just after 10 o’clock pm, fame came crashing through the front door of the home belonging to then 59-year old Perla Carr.


There is a common trope, or theme, used in film and literature to describe certain characters known as ‘obliviously evil‘. Typically the villain of the story, these characters often do not realize the malicious role that they are playing. Instead, they are usually so convinced that their actions are beneficial and so sure of their own moral compass that they begin to chalk up their outcasting from society on the fact that they are just misunderstood.
Kind of like Wile E. Coyote. Look, the dude is just hungry, he just wants to eat. Sure his ACME contraptions are grossly overboard and ultimately useless, but he sure is persistent. Maybe, just maybe, Wile E. Coyote is just misunderstood.
Kevin Sabet of Project SAM is back on the road touring small town Rotary Clubs, law enforcement groups, and medical associations, warning people about his perceived dangers of marijuana. And much like the cartoon coyote, Sabet is telling anyone who will listen that he is just misunderstood, as he continues to saw off the crooked ledge he is standing on.

Sunburn O.G.

With less than a month to go before November elections that could bring the legalization of limited amounts of cannabis for adults 21 and up, the New York Times has stepped in to the mix with an editorial endorsing the pot policies.
“Opponents of legalization warn that states are embarking on a risky experiment. But the sky over Colorado has not fallen, and prohibition has proved to be a complete failure. It’s time to bring the marijuana market out into the open and end the injustice of arrests and convictions that have devastated communities.”

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The rapid rise in the popularity of 3D printers in recent years, paired with how affordable they have become, has led to a long list of crazy, deadly, useful, and sometimes downright delicious creations being spit out by these incredible machines. Anything from firearms, to body parts, to pizzas, and in a move straight out of a Terminator movie, we even have 3D printers printing out more 3D printers.
So, of course, it took no time flat for folks to start pumping out 3D-printed plastic accessories for the cannabis crowd – everything from cheap grinders to entire bongs shaped like popular video game characters.
But a research and development firm out of Israel has taken the technology to a whole new level with a 3D-printed vaporizer that they believe will change the way the world looks at medical marijuana.

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Citizen Dave
Madison Wisconsin Police Chief Mike Kovak wants to legalize weed

The war on drugs, specifically the battle against marijuana, has been an “abject failure”. So says the Police Chief of Madison, Wisconsin, Mike Koval.
Koval is an officer of the streets, having shot up from the rank of Sergeant all the way to Police Chief with no stops in between. During his three decades in uniform, Koval has become convinced that the fight against cannabis is a massive drain on resources, and only serves as a distraction from the truly harmful drugs, like heroin.

Anti-pot Florida AG Pam Bondi and her derp-faced ad.

This is pretty amazing, considering we’re talking about a talent pool that contains Rick Scott, a man with the social poise of a 13-year-old in sex ed, and Charlie Crist, a man who probably would fail the replicant test from Blade Runner, but we might have The Derp Face of the 2014 campaign season: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi just dropped her first television ad for November’s contest.
Although the spot touts the politician’s record, it fails to address to two heavyweight issues that could sink her campaign: medical marijuana and gay marriage. But she does want you to know she’s curtailed all synthetic acid manufacturing in her state. More over at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.


Hide your kids, hide your wife, hash oil has just now hit the streets of Houston reports local ABC13. And to relay the story, they got the shakiest facts they could and interviewed a single, clueless stoner. It helps make it all the more frightening, of course.
Like, for example, when they say that you make hash oil by “heating up the marijuana plant” in butane – which couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the (completely) wrong method the news station hints at would create a very volatile situation.


Berkeley California is arguably one of the most progressive cities in the country. With that in mind, it’s not shocking at all that the city now requires medical marijuana dispensaries to donate up to two percent of their products to low-income patients in the city. The plan goes into effect in August 2015.
Of course, mainstream media like Fox News have picked up on this and are running with it, implying that the city is just handing out weed.

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