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On Sunday, a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter notified dispatch of a high-speed boat cooking it north just 90 miles west of San Nicholas Island, which is just over 100 kilometers southwest of Los Angeles.
A Coast Guard ship in the area straight lined it to the scene. But by that time the smuggler had ditched his load and hightailed it out of there, leaving more than 6,500 pounds of seeded, compressed pot floating on the waves in the pacific. In total, 245 bales of pot wrapped in plastic were recovered.

pretoria south africa.jpg
Pretoria, South Africa.

Last weekend, residents of Saulsville, Pretoria, South Africa discovered a field of cannabis – called “dagga” in South Africa – growing in a field behind a community park.
But instead of calling the police, who would have destroyed the field, word spread quickly to the ganja smokers of the neighborhood who turned out in droves to harvest the buds before officials could do anything about it.

home raid.jpg
Wikipedia commons.

Apparently growing vegetables in your basement in Leawood, Kansas is reason enough for the local police to raid your house, hold you and your family at gunpoint and accuse your 13-year-old son of using marijuana. At least, that’s the message sent after Johnson County Sheriff deputies blew in the door of the Harte family home last year looking for marijuana.

massachusetts flag.jpg

Massachusetts medical marijuana laws passed last November allows for up to 35 nonprofit dispensaries around the state, and draft regulations to guide the industry were just released today.
Among the proposed rules is the determination that a 60-day supply of marijuana can be up to ten ounces per patient and that all dispensaries would have to grow their own cannabis.

concord california.jpg
Concord, California.

City leaders in Concord, Calif. clearly don’t appreciate the bountiful Northern California sun as much as everyone else does. On Tuesday, city council unanimously decided that medical marijuana patients can no longer harness the power of the sun in their own backyards to grow their medicine. Instead, they’ll have to move them indoors under artificial, watt-sucking lights.
Apparently nobody told City Council that being environmentally conscious is kind of a big deal in Northern California.

Cannabis Online Image_368.jpg
Crimestoppers U.K.
Anti-pot paranoia, now in scratch and sniff!

The powers-that-be in the United Kingdom want their citizenry to rat on one another. At least, that’s the plan with a series of marijuana-scented scratch-and-sniff cards that were mailed to more than 200,000 people in the UK recently.
The ridiculously daft plan by the group Crimestoppers U.K. is that by handing out ganja-scented cards to the community, people will run to the police any time they smell anything remotely skunky.

wikipedia dutch shepherd.jpg
A Dutch shepherd from wikipedia.

Normally, drug dogs and I don’t get along. That whole I-smell-like-skunk-ass-daily thing really puts a damper on any chance of a mutually-respectful friendship.
But Loveland, Colorado police might have just changed that by training drug dogs that specifically do not sniff for weed thanks to voter approved Amendment 64 which legalized small amounts of marijuana for personal use and possession.

marijuana bales sbcs.JPG
$4 million in wet schwag.

Despite their taste in verdant herbal remedies, smugglers did not have the luck of the green on St. Patrick’s Day. Authorities in Santa Barbara said they found and seized their $4 million stash on Arroyo Camada Beach early Sunday morning.
The weed, found near an abandoned Panga boat, weighed 2,000 pounds. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this month such a large haul has been found on a California beach near an empty boat. LA Weekly has the details.

bell peppers on weed.jpg
Bell peppers on top of a bunch of dirt weed.

Add fresh vegetables to your list of things that won’t deter drug dogs.
A Mexican national discovered that tip the hard way on Tuesday when police found more than a ton of marijuana stashed half-assed under a few green bell peppers. U.S. Customs and Border Protection made the find while the man was attempting to enter the United States through a commercial facility in Nogales with the load in a tractor-trailer. Phoenix New Times has the rest.

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