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It must be getting hot in Arizona. Our friends at the Phoenix New Times have a pair of stories worth repeating – so that they never are repeated again:
First up, there’s Jorge Valencia who police say was just out there in the open using Facebook to sling herb like it was no big deal (Editor’s note: it shouldn’t be). Nobody told Jorge about privacy settings apparently, because police were able to see him post about what he had and how much “dope money” he’d been making.
Next up, we’ve got Stephanie Lopez who was allegedly smoking some herb in her car when police pulled her over (in the drive-through of the Burger King). Police officer didn’t find the herb right away and Lopez denied it initiatlly, but later admitted to the cop she had it and pulled it out of her vagina. No word on if it was XXX Diesel or (I know this is bad) Pussy Kush.

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Can you share with your buds a bit more marijuana than you should legally have and get away with it? Can you have weed for, say, a small party and still not have to face deportation for felony “intent to distribute?”
In an amazing sign of the country’s changing attitudes toward pot, the U.S. Supreme Court said sure, why not? Have that cannabis. Don’t worry about being sent back to where ever, even if you’re a “noncitizen:” Dennis Romero at the L.A. Weekly has the full story.

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What better way to get someone to act natural than for them to not even know they are smuggling anything in the first place, right?
That was the case with a 33-year-old Mexican woman who works days in San Diego. She crossed the border around 3 a.m. Friday on her way to work. She got there earlier than expected, so she decided to chill out in her car and likely take a little cat nap before her shift.


A good solid base, proper nutritional supplements, attention to detail, and experience – all important aspects of being a successful mixed martial artist, and also key ingredients in growing great weed.
Just ask longtime UFC referee, Josh Rosenthal, who agreed to a plea deal with the U.S District Attorney’s office in January of this year, after federal agents discovered 1,356 marijuana plants growing in a warehouse owned by he and an associate.
Facing charges of growing an estimated six million dollars’ worth of illegal weed, Rosenthal’s next scheduled court appearance is at the U.S. District Court, on May 17th to face sentencing. He had originally pleaded not guilty to the charges in October 2012, but struck his plea deal earlier this year, admitting his guilt. Rosenthal was facing 10 years in federal prison and a ten million dollar fine, but now he is expected to see that sentence reduced to around 3 years of jail time, stiff fines, and a 5 year probation that will subject him to random searches.

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Wikipedia commons.
Adam Levine from Maroon 5.

A security guard who worked at one of the largest music conglomerates in the world is suing his former employer numerous labor code violations stemming from what she says was wonton marijuana use and drug abuse in Santa Monica building where she worked.
The woman – who remains nameless – charges that Universal Music Group in California blatantly allowed musicians and guests to smoke marijuana in the courtyard, in the stairwells, in the alleyway behind the building, in the studios, and even in the lobby.

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Cannabis users across the state of Washington sparked up to celebrate the passage of Initiative 502 last year, which legalized the personal use and possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for anyone over the age of 21. I-502 still prohibits the consumption of marijuana in public places, and driving under the influence of marijuana, but along with the state of Colorado, Washington seems poised to blaze a new trail for marijuana legalization.

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Think differently (about cannabis).

Note: if you live in a place where growing marijuana isn’t legal, taking pictures with your cell phone or iPad and leaving them on there might not be a great idea.
Back in February, police recovered a stolen iPad. Good job, right? Wrong. To find out the owner of the iPad, we’re assuming they went through it. Now, that might be overlooked if they only used the information for the intended purpose.

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