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Platshorn in his smuggling days.

Since late 2012, former drug smuggler turned activist Robert Platshorn has been buying up TV time on local stations for an infomercial. Provocatively titled “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?,” the spot aims to educate the elderly on the pros of medicinal legalization, an extension of Platshorn’s popular “Silver Tour.”
But now Platshorn says his ads are being pulled just as the Florida legislature is taking up medical marijuana legislation introduced last month. “Stations have refused to carry it due to subject matter, and unfortunately the law does allow you to do so,” he tells the New Times.
For the entire story from Kyle Swenson, head over to our friends at The Pulp.

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Here’s another government study sure to get some traction in the coming weeks: Scientists with the National Institute of Health say they have found that marijuana can stay in your system for up to a month! (gasp!) But despite the study only testing latent THC levels and never putting the participants behind the wheel of even a simulator, researchers insist that it shows how stoned drivers are a dangerous threat.
Seriously. And people get paid to come up with this bullshit with your tax dollars.

weed cannon artists rendition.jpg
Artist rendition of weed cannon.

It’s almost something out of an old Wile E. Coyote cartoon. But unlike Acme cannons this one worked, and it was launching cannabis instead of a cartoon carnivore. The Mexicali Public Safety Department Tuesday say they confiscated a pneumatic gun used to shoot bales of herb and other drugs into the United States.
And they’ve been doing it for some time.

Mark Starkovich mug.jpg
Mark Starkovich.

Here’s a real gem of a stoner story from our sister paper, the Minneapolis City Pages. Apparently Mark Starkovich of Duluth, Minn. is new to smoking ganja. Last April Starkovich managed to burn down part of an abandoned apartment building while trying to light a bowl of weed. While he at first denied the crime, police say he eventually copped to lighting some papers on fire in order to smoke pot out of the pipe. Don’t worry, the logic escapes us too.

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